Chicken Condos

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Grandfather and grandchildren collecting eggs togetherNatural Family Entertainment & Enjoyment


Raising chickens is a great family project! Teach your children or grandchildren how nature works. Our chicken condos feature a ramp leading down to a lower area enclosed with wire, doubling the about of enclosed space your feathered friends have to move around. Egg doors on the front make gathering eggs easy, with no need to go inside.


Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Pine Creek Structures can create a one of a kind, custom designed structure just for you!



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6x8 Large Chicken Condo from Pine Creek Structures 

6' x 8' Large Chicken Condo

This model includes five easy open windows, access door, two turn-out doors, four nesting boxes with egg doors, roosts, and ramp from interior to wire enclosed area below. Designed for up to 25 chickens.

Shown above with pc clay LP Smart Side, bronze trim, and weatherwood shingles.


4x6 Mini Chicken Condo from Pine Creek Structures

4' x 6' Mini Chicken Condo

This model includes two easy open windows, access door, turn-out door, three nesting boxes with egg doors, roosts, and ramp from interior to wire enclosed area below. Designed for up to 15 chickens.

Shown with light grey LP Smart Side, white trim, and fox hollow grey shingles.


Chicken Condo Features and Benefits

chicken condo features and benefits

1. Easy Open Windows that open from the outside for light and ventilation

2. Entry Door for easy access and cleaning

3. Siding: 50-year MFG warranted LP Smart Side in choice of color

4. Roof: Lifetime MFG warranted shingles in choice of color

5. 10” Overhang to protect from weather

6. Nesting Boxes: Shingle roof with flashing to eliminate leaks and rotting.

7. Gather eggs from outside with ease!  Egg collection door at each nesting box for easy access inside

8.  Bottom Area Enclosed with Wire: Allows your chickens to get out in the open air, provides protection from hawks and other predators, and provides shade on hot summer days

9. Sturdy pressure-treated 4x4 runners

10. Easy Turn-Out Doors allows your chickens to range freely


Other Great Features and Benefits:

  • Built-in Roosts foryour chickens’ comfort.
  • Built-in Ramp drops down to allow chickens access from the upper coop to the open bottom area. (Ramp is on hinges and closes by simply pulling a string).


*Chickens not included!



Chicken Facts:

The eggs you buy at the supermarket have a pale yellow yolk, because most supermarket egg chickens never see the natural light of day, or feel the natural breezes blowing. They never even get the chance to do just a short healthy sprint during their production period because of being confined to cages, only allowing them a minimal amount of space.

Chickens naturally like to get out in the dirt and grass to do their scratching and pecking, therefore increasing the quality of your eggs. If you raise your own eggs you will experience an orange yolk— the way an egg was meant to be!

For every hour of daylight a chicken gets, it will increase its production yield. In fact, if you install a light with a timer in the wintertime (giving your chickens the same time period of light as the summertime), your egg production will
be the same year-round.

Chickens will share their nesting boxes—one box will suffice for up to eight chickens. 

Chicken manure is one of the richest forms of fertilizer for your yard or garden.


Read more about chickens HERE, thanks to Mrs. Andy Mast.